Benjamin Ambrosio – Cooking Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Learning to cook an amazing dish doesn’t happen overnight. It took Benjamin Ambrosio years to master the art of cooking. Whether you are a cooking for the first time or are a seasoned professional, there are certain things you must do in order to create a dish that is amazing.

Benjamin Ambrosio

  • Always read every recipe thoroughly before you begin cooking. After you have read thru it once, go thru it a second time. When you don’t thoroughly read the recipe, mistakes get made and dishes fail.
  • Prepare and organize your ingredients and tools ahead of time. To find recipe success be sure to wash, chop, dice, mince and measure your ingredients before starting to cook.
  • Don’t overcrowd the baking dish or pan. When you overcrowd the pan, the food will start to steam itself as moisture is released.
  • Turn the handles of your pans to the side. If things get a little hectic, you run the risk of running into the handle if they aren’t turned to the side; spilling the hot ingredients all over the floor, or worse yourself.
  • Invest in a good chef’s knife. A sharp knife that feels good in your hands will make all the difference in your cutting techniques.
  • Invest in good, quality ingredients. Your dish can only be as good as what you put into it. Also, avoid using old, expired spices.

If you are just beginning to experience the joys of cooking or are a seasoned cook like Benjamin Ambrosio, follow these simple tips to get amazing results.