Benjamin Ambrosio – New National Strategies for Counter-Terrorism

Benjamin Ambrosio was a New York City police officer for over a decade. During his tenure working as a police officer in New York, he has worked with many new counter-terrorism strategies coming down to help protect local citizens. These measures have helped saved lives over the years and there are many strategies being enacted by law enforcement agencies on the city, state, and federal levels. Ambrosio has worked with federal agents and with training officers on counter-terrorism strategies for New York City and beyond. Ambrosio was long known in the police force for his excellent work in training and working with supervisors and new officers, as well as others from other departments.

Benjamin Ambrosio

Benjamin Ambrosio kept up-to-date with all counter-terrorism strategies coming from the federal government over the years. Today, the federal government is focused on the nebulous nature of terrorist threats around the world today. The strategy now is to focus on the numerous countries around the world that support terrorism in order to oppose US interests. The strategy also focuses on the terrorist network Al-Qaida and its affiliates and adherents around the world. Individuals who have been inspired by the message and work of Al-Qaida have committed too many terrorist killings around the world already.

Benjamin Ambrosio has learned much about US world counter-terrorism efforts during his time with the New York Police Department. He took pride in keeping his local citizens safe during his time as a police officer. He performed his job well and performed the many daily options as an officer to help protect his community.