Benjamin Ambrosio – What To Expect During Your First Day At Police Academy

Benjamin Ambrosio is a graduate of the New York Police Academy. He was in the top ten percent of his class and took a number of seminars relating to homeland security and deadly force incidents during his studies. If you are interested in a career in policing, you will undertake similar training to prepare yourself for the role. The first day at police academy is often intimidating, so here is a rundown of what you can expect.

Benjamin Ambrosio

Compose Yourself

You will often be confronted by instructors who yell a lot early on and you will be expected to act accordingly under the pressure they place on you. It can be confusing at first, so take a second to compose yourself and then think logically about any orders you are given. Execute them to the best of your ability.

You Will Make Mistakes

Mistakes are to be expected at the police academy. After all, you have not been trained yet so it is only natural that you won’t fully understand what you are doing. These mistakes will usually lead to instructors yelling at you, but you need to take it all in stride. This is just part of the initial training procedure. Don’t talk back and avoid the temptation to try and explain yourself. Just accept that whatever mistake you made was wrong and work hard to rectify it next time.

Get Fit

Benjamin Ambrosio’s physical fitness was tested thoroughly during his stint in the police academy, as is the case for all potential recruits. Arrive in good shape, as mistakes by you or others inevitably lead to physical activities.