Benjamin Ambrosio – How First Responders Can Help Preserve Crime Scenes

Benjamin Ambrosio spent almost eleven years of his career working as a police officer in the New York City Police Department and has experience of gathering “preliminary investigation as a first responder to crime scenes.” These initial moments are crucial, as failure to preserve the scene can lead to clues being lost. If you are new to the role, or have little experience as a first responder, followthis advice to preserve the scene.


Benjamin Ambrosio

Keep People Away

Once you have established that everybody at the scene is okay and nobody needs medical attention, your first goal is to clear onlookers away from the scene. In doing this you also need to separate witnesses from those who have just arrived, so that investigators can quickly start questioning people once they arrive.

Collecting Evidence

In the majority of cases the first responder should not be involved with evidence collection. This should be left to forensics teams and other trained professionals, as a lack of training could lead to evidence being damaged. However, there are some cases where you may need to take action. For example, if somebody has attempted to commit suicide with a firearm at the scene, you may have to remove the weapon from the victim’s hand. Furthermore, if the crime scene is located in an area where severe weather conditions are currently a problem, such as a severe thunderstorm, you may need to shield bloodstains and other evidence to the best of your ability.

Benjamin Ambrosio is a police officer who has experience as the first responder at crime scenes.


Benjamin Ambrosio – What Goes into Criminal Investigations?

Benjamin Ambrosio loves criminal procedurals as much as anyone else, but they are not nearly as accurate in their depictions of how criminal investigations are solved in the real world. Ambrosio knows all too well that evidence is collected for these investigations over weeks of preparation and work, and no cases are solved in twenty-five minutes or less. Ambrosio spent ten years working for the New York Police Department as an officer helping to conduct a series of criminal investigations in all kinds of manners over the years. He often got the ball rolling for investigations by meeting with first responders and other officers working to solve crimes and prevent others.

Benjamin Ambrosio

Benjamin Ambrosio knows that criminal investigations take months to undertake. This is because law enforcement agencies have to work hard to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt that an accused individual is guilty of his or her crimes in a court of law. This requires diligent police work over weeks and months to be able to present to the jury and the defense lawyers in court. Ambrosio has been involved in many criminal investigations over his career and he knows the hard work that all attending officers have to put in to ensure that justice is served in their communities.